‘Affinity’ Wheel Cleaner – 5L

$170.00 Inc. GST

Wheel Cleaning Made Easy

  • Dissolves Grease, Road Grime & Brake Dust.
  • Protective Coating | Minimal Scrubbing
  • pH Neutral | Biodegradable
  • Spray Bottle Included
  • Pre-Mixed / Ready for use.




‘Affinity’ is an easy to use, fast acting, all in one wheel cleaner. Designed to target grease, road grime and brake dust while being safe on chrome, coated aluminium and alloy surfaces.

  • Dissolves Grease, Road Grime & Brake Dust
  • Protective Coating | Minimal Scrubbing
  • pH Neutral | Biodegradable
  • Pre-Mixed / Ready for use.


Safe on Chrome, Coated Aluminium and Alloy. Avoid Over Spray onto Brake Parts.


Note: You will require an industrial spray bottle and trigger for this product.

Before use, spot test on an inconspicuous area. If hazing or spotting appears, discontinue use.
Ensure wheel surface is cool before use. Shake well.
1. Use a strong stream or water blaster to rinse wheel.
2. Spray wheel cleaner onto wheel and allow 30 seconds to penetrate surface.
3. Rinse off solution.
4. Air Dry or use Luxxio ‘Waffle Drying Towel’ to finish.


Repeat as needed, a soft brush or cloth can be used for stubborn build ups.


Do not use on Damaged or Poor condition wheels. Do not use on Brake Parts or other Zinc & Cadmium-plated Surfaces. Avoid driveway stains by Rinsing driveway immediately after use.


Luxxio Affinity MSDS


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