Fabric Defence – 5L

$190.00 Inc. GST

Fabric Restore | Protect

  • UV Protection | Deodoriser
  • Hydrophobic | Stain Resistance
  • Protective Film


Luxxio’s ‘Fabric Defence’ is specifically engineered as an all in one formula that cleans, restores and protects your beloved fabric. Our solution permeates deep into the fabric, saturating the area and creating a special, long lasting, protective film. This film provides a hydrophobic layer that is resistant to soiling and aids in the removal of peculiar smells.

  • UV Protection | Deodoriser
  • Hydrophobic | Stain Resistance
  • Protective Film


Safe on all Upholstery Material.


Shake Well. Test on a small inconspicuous section before use.

1. Apply spray liberally to surface of fabric.
2. Allow to penetrate for 20-30 minutes.
3. Using a circular motion and pressure, pat dry the area with a Luxxio ‘All Purpose Microfibre Cloth’, turning cloth to clean side regularly, to absorb product and lift off grime and dirt.

Repeat process as necessary until fabric is clean.


Repeat application every 4-5 weeks to maintain surface protection.




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