Come into our workshop at 5/9 Porana Road for your free quote and assessment.

Luxxio takes pride in every vehicle groom, car polish and Nano Application.

As every car we meet is different, we believe in custom quoting for our customers to tailor to their specific needs.


Services We Cover

Exterior Wash

  • Exterior Wash
  • Wheel Wash
  • Wheel Dressing
  • Window Clean

Interior Clean

  • Vaccum
  • Window Clean
  • Dash Clean
  • Plastic Defence (Dash Coating)

Cut & Polish

  • Assessment of Paint Condition
  • Machine Cut
  • Machine Polish
  • Restores Paint Colour and Visibility

Headlight Restoration

  • Remove the top layer of damaged and yellowed plastic
  • Nano Seal – ¬†Protect from UV damage for up to 5 years

Nano Protective Coating

  • Nano Coating Consulting
  • Paint Coating
  • Plastic Exterior and/or Interior Coating
  • Window Coating
  • Wheel Coating
  • Leather Seating
  • Plastic Seating
  • A Range of hardness levels
  • Multiple layers available