Valet / Groom

Luxxios Valet services are a great way to get your car looking great after that crazy summer trip, winter ski holiday or just planning on selling the car and getting top dollar.

Our 3 Packages meet most peoples needs but we know that every car is different and some need more or less love than others so we are happy to provide a free custom quote.

To learn more about Paint Restoration please head to our Cut & Polish Service page.

*Please note a surcharge/custom quote may be required for vehicles with excessive dirt.
** Interior and Exterior only services are custom quoted on inspection.
*** Free assistance with pick up and drop off for those within 5 KM’s of workshop. $2 per KM for any distance over 5 KM’s.

Popular Service Packs

Level 1: LUX-BASE

Size / Price
Small: $160
Medium: $180
Large: $200
Bike: $130

Exterior Treatment

  • Glass Sticker / New Car Plastic Protection Removal
  • High-Pressure Water Blast Rinse
  • Luxury Shampoo Car Wash
  • Speedy Coating (Super Hydrophobic Polymer Coating)
  • pH Neutral Wheel Clean
  • Tyres Scrub + Protection Application & Shine
  • Door Jams & Rubber Seals Clean
  • Plastic Trim Clean & Shine
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Exhaust Pipe Clean

Interior Treatment

  • Covers / Plastic Protection Removal
  • Full Interior Vacuum (Seats, Floor, Carpets, Dash)
  • Windows & Mirrors Clean
  • Dash / Console Clean & Shine
  • Trays / Cupholder / Glove Box Clean + Shine
  • Dirt / Grease / Sunscreen Mark Removal

 Level 2: LUX-DELUX

Size / Price
Small: $185
Medium: $205
large: $225
Bike: $160

This service includes everything in Level 1 plus:

  • Plastic Headlight & Taillight Machine Polish – Restore clarity and visibility to headlights
  • Clay Paint Decontamination – Removes contaminants that make the paint gritty and rough


Size / Price
Small: $215
Medium: $235
large: $255
Bike: $185

This service includes everything in Level 1 and 2 plus:

  • Hybrid Coating for Exterior Trims- Hydrophobic, Restore Colour, 6 Month, Nano Sealant
  • Interior Leather Defense – Seats, Dash, Doors, 6 Month Defense
  • Full Exterior Glass Machine Polish – Remove water spotting and acid rain.
  • Interior Shampoo (Seats/Carpet)

 Additional Services

Add one of these fantastic services to your valet to leave your car looking it’s best.

Interior Machine Shampoo (seats/carpet)  $60
Leather Clean and Protect $120
Glass Machine Polish $60
Pencil Paint Touch Up *Available only with Polish $150
Ceiling Shampoo $60
Smoke / Smell Removal – Ozone Treatment $100


Headlight Restoration + Nano Shield: $120

  • Remove the top layer of damaged and yellowed plastic via sanding and Machine Polish
  • Nano Seal –  Protect from UV damage for up to 5 years

Dramatically improves transparency of headlight increasing headlights effective range and brightness.