Sneaky area that people forget to clean

Attention to details is probably the most common way you can separate a professional detailing job to a home job. 

So I thought today we can do a little checklist of the area people often miss and some tools and products who will help you to archive a quicker and better result.

tools for the job

1- Dry & wet Vacuum 

A really useful tool to suck up wet patches, dirt and contaminants from all area of your car. 

you will understand how useful it will be in a few minutes 🙂 


2 – Detailing Brushes  

To access all those out of reach area, a good set of brushes is the key.

3 – High end microfibre

Not all Microfibre Cloth are created equal, the cheapest one are doing a poor job are trapping residue comparing to more expensive one. 

4 – All purpose cleaner 

A good all purpose cleaner will help you clean all type of surfaces with efficiency I do recommend a solvent free one. 


All-Purpose Cleaner

The forgotten areas and technique used to clean them

1- Clean in Between your seats

For your front seat : 

– Push your seat the further away from your steering wheel access with your vacuum head the area in-between your centre console and the seat where the rails is. ( for stuborn contaminants you can use one of your brush or tooth brush and some all purpose cleaner to target the affected area then use you vacuum to pick up when loss) 

– repeat the same process for under the seat  and on the other side of it 

– Now Pull your seat closer to your steering wheel and repeat the same process by accessing from the rear of the seat  

– repeat on the other side

2 – Door side pocket, spare wheel area, all storage area, gear shifter and air vent… 

This the technique will save time and can be use everywhere. 

– remove all object in the area you are cleaning 

– vacuum and remove the most dirt and contaminants you can 

– now use you all purpose cleaner spray the area and use you detailing brush to access all corners 

– if you have a wet & dry vacuum suck it all up. 

– repeat if necessary.

– use a Microfibre cloth to dry it all.


3 – Door jamb, fuel cap, engine Bay Area, 

– Rinse all the area first with your water blaster or hose ( MAKE SURE YOU PROTECT ALL ELECTRICS) 

– spray you all purpose cleaner (make sure you do not forget the door jamb on the door itself the fuel cap door and the underside of the hood) use a detailing brush all around 


– Use Microfibre to dry