Leather cleaning !!!

Leather cleaning can scared some people as they are worried of damaging it by using the wrong products, tools and technique.

The tools for the job

1 – Dry and wet Vacuum 

2 – Some detailing brushes 

3 – Soft bristle brush and melanine Sponges

4 -Microfibre Cloths 

5 – PH NEUTRAL All purpose cleaner 

PH Neutral cleaner are perfect to ensure you are not damaging your leather. 

All-Purpose Cleaner

6 – Leather protector (LUXXIO Leather Defence)

how to proceed

1 – Start by vacuuming your seats don’t forget in-between the cracks use a brush if needed to access the tricky area

2 – Spray some of your Ph Neutral All Purpose Cleaner on it work by areas first the top part of the seat then the boot. 

use your Microfibre cloth wipe to start to clean your seats rub it in a circular motion if you the result is satisfactory move to step 4.


3 – If your seat don’t look quite right move to the soft bristle brush option using the same technique and your Ph neutral all purpose cleaner, you can also use your detailing brush  clean the out of reach area. wipe the excess all purpose cleaner with a microfibre cloth.

Your seat are not right yet ? do the same with the Melanine Sponge, just put a light pressure on it. 

4 – Spray your leather protector and moisturiser always start by the top part of the seat and use a microfibre cloth to even the product and wipe the excess. it will protect it from UV rays, make your leather flexible with a healthy look. 

If your leather is really dry and doesn’t fell quite flexible wait 10 min for the original product to dry then reapply.