Glass Waterspots Removal Kit

Once you see them there is no return they become a source of frustration, yes i am talking about Glass Waterspot on your windows, your showers, mirror…

tools for the job

  1. Luxxio Glass waterspot fast acting remover
This kit is composed of what you need to remove the waterspots :
– 1 X 100Ml Waterspot remover bottle 
– 2 X Active Sponges 
– 1 X Microfibre Cloth 


              2. Luxxio Glass Cleaner, One Glass Microfibre, and some Gloves

What to do :

With Just a few steps your glass will be waterspot free 

– First you need prepare the glass use your glass cleaner and give it a good wipe you want to remove the most dirt and contaminants. 

– Gear up and wear you gloves, take one of the active sponges and dab some of the waterspot remover solution on it. 

– use your sponge to apply it on the glass work on an area of around 30cm x 30cm in a circular motion for 20-30 sec, Make sure the glass is cool to the touch so the products will not dry fast. 

– Wipe the residue with the Microfibre Cloth 

– Repeat if needed 

– Use your Glass Cleaner and Glass Microfibre to clean the rest of the residue 


If you want to Protect it for a longer time use our Luxxio Speedy Coating ( Works on all exterior surfaces of your car)