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Getting your car interior or exterior looking perfect is a daunting task and lets be frank not many of us are excited to clean our cars on the weekend.  Even so a fresh and clean looking car is what most of us are after and a professionally groomed vehicle is somehow cleaner then when we do it ourselves.  This is not an illusion at Luxxio our team has decades of combined grooming experience with access to professional tools, chemicals and a wealth of knowledge of what tool or chemical to use on what type of stain. The results speak for themselves with the car in a condition you are wanting without the Saturday spent with a cloth in one hand and a vacuum in the other. 

There are many reasons to get a professional groom from Luxxio Detailing and if you want to read more please click below.

Bronze Clean

$ 90
  • Professional water wash
  • Luxury PH neutral fan wash
  • Wheel & tyre clean
  • Speedy coating paint protection
  • Door jamb rinse
  • Car dry

Silver Clean

Exterior / Interior
$ 185
  • Luxxio bronze groom
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Professional mat wash treatment
  • Dash + console + all interior panel clean & shine
  • Trays + cup holder + glove box clean & shine
  • Found objects safely collected & stored

Gold Clean

Exterior / Interior / Extras
$ 215
  • Luxxio silver groom
  • Paint decontamination to remove embedded contaminants on your paint surface
  • 3 layers of speedy coating paint protection instead of 1 layer

Platinum Clean

Exterior / Interior / Extras / Special Treatments
$ 270
  • Luxxio gold groom
  • Engine bay treatment
  • Glass watersport removal
  • Seat shampoo or leather treatment

Other car detailing services available

Smoke removal / Ozone treatment (include full interior clean + seat / floor / ceiling shampoo) $250

Seat shampoo $65

Floor shampoo $50

Leather clean scrub & protect $115

Glass waterspot removal $80

Pencil paint touch up from $100

Headlight restoration $100 + $60 (long lasting sealant)

Luxxio Groom common cases 

Not everyones reasoning is the same but here are some of the common reasons people bring us their cars:
  1. Long periods of neglect
    Up keeping your car cleaning is relatively easy but you skip a quick clean here and there and before you know it the car has not been groomed in 9 months and your 2 year old has spilled every food imaginable on the back seat.  You don’t know where to start as there are more stains than you can count and the one you tried to remove is just getting worse. 
    This is a relatively common situation for us and our team will do whatever is required to get your car looking as you want it.  If it means taking out all the seats from the vehicles so be it we have seen and done it all before.   The chemicals to remove most of the nightmare stains are not only used but also manufactured by us and at a first glance our team members will be able to let you know what kind of results you can expect.
  2. Pre sale updated
    Often people only realise that their vehicle is not quite looking perfect when it comes time to get rid of it.  All those little things that you have ignored over the years are suddenly being pointed out by your potential buyers and you are feeling like there is no point of showing the car to people just so they can say no because of its condition / presentation.  We have everyone from private to small and even large car dealerships coming to us to assist with this.
    We know exactly what the pain points around the vehicles are when it comes to sale time as well as how to make them look appealing for your buyers.  From interior plastic coatings to wet vacuum seat cleaning there is nothing we have not done for our customers to help encourage that easy and well priced sale.
    Mixing the grooming with full or partial paint restoration service is also highly recommended for presale jobs as customers tend to fall in love and buy cars that catch their eye and nothing does that like an immaculate paint job.  
  3. Car shows and exhibitions
    From taking your car to a meet to participating in a competitive show we can arrange a level of groom you require.  We have worked on a range of cars for our collector and enthusiast crowd some worth well past a million dollars so we have the expertise to take care of your investment or passion.  
  4. Regular fleet car grooming
    Businesses often want their company cars looking representative and a quick drive through gas station wash doesn’t exactly do the job or touch the inside.  Many are opting to provide their staff with regular quarterly deep cleans both to promote staff satisfaction with the vehicle they are given and uplift the presentation and image these already branded vehicles bring to the brand.
    Regardless of the level of groom or wether your fleet consists of 2 or 200 vehicles we can create a corporate grooming solution that fits your needs. 


Terms and Conditions: 

  • Free Quotes on all vehicle types including cars, motorhomes, motorbikes and boats. 
  • Please note a surcharge/custom quote may be required for vehicles with excessive dirt. 
  • Interior and Exterior only services are custom quoted on inspection. 
  • Free assistance with pick up and drop off for those within 5 kms of our workshop. $2/km for any distance over 5kms. 
  • Custom detailing requests available, please contact us. 
  • All pricing include GST.

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