Bug n' Tar Remover (Water Based) – 500 ML

Bug n' Tar Remover (Water Based) – 500 ML


Luxxio bug n’ tar is a water-based solution that is perfect for removing fresh contaminants such as bird droppings, tar, tree sap and splattered bugs.

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Luxxio’s ‘Bug and Tar Remover’ is a powerful ally in the fight against all things squished and sticky that has found it's way onto your bonnet or roof top.

BUG: Keep a bottle of Bug & Tar with you for those emergency situations that require immediate attention. Allowing bird droppings to remain on the vehicle can lead to etching in the clearcoat and paint, as well as scratching during removal if not done so properly. By applying the Bug Remover, you are lubricating the contaminants to allow for safe removal.

TAR: Luxxios Bug & Tar is Water-based as opposed to Solvent based. This caters to vehicle owners who have identified tar quickly and have older / more classic paintwork that solvent based cleaners could damage by stripping away the valuable barriers that protect the paintwork.

MULTI: Also can be used as a safe alternative to solvent-based cleaners to clean up under body areas.

Water-based Benefit: Water-based also means that if you have chips and scratches in the paintwork, there is no chance of stripping unprotected paint away which is a big concern with solvent based products.

Key Benefits

  • Paint, Metal & Plastic Safe
  • Remove Bug, Oil and Tar Contaminants
  • Clear Coat Safe | Water Based
  • pH Neutral | Biodegradable


Safe on all surfaces including glass, plastic, rubber and clear coated paint.


Before use, ensure the surface is cool and the vehicle is in shade. Shake contents well.

1. Use a strong stream or water blaster to rinse affected area to remove loose contaminants.
2. Spray and saturate affected the area, allow 5 minutes for the solution to penetrate surface (do NOT allow to dry).
3. Use a damp microfibre to remove contaminants, rinse off remaining solution.


For stubborn contaminants, allow up to 5 extra minutes for the solution to permeate deeper and repeat as necessary.

Use it on my classic, wanted something water based so was safe on the ancient paint work. takes a little longer but is by far a lot safer and gentler.

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Grant T (Posted on 22/12/2017)

Good Carry around for car shows as my car tends to be a magnet for every seagull or pigeon in the area…

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Tommy (Posted on 17/08/2017)