Luxxio Nano Ceramic Coating Info

Nano Coating is an effective way of protecting your pride & joy, it provide one layer or more of Nano Ceramic 9 H Protection against:

- UV rays damages
- Contaminants like road grime & bird drops
- Acid rain & Water spoting


- Hydrophobic for self-cleaning effect
- More vibrant and glossy finish of your paint
- the more layers the more effects

Get protected

$ 750
  • 1-Step Exterior Polish (Light Paint Correction)

    1 Layer of Nano Coating

    1 Layer of plastic trim Nano Coating

    Comes with a Maintenance Kit

Stay Protected

$ 1500

2-Step Exterior Polish (Medium Paint Correction)

2 Layers of Nano Coating

2 Layers of plastic trim Nano Coating

Comes with maintenance kit

Unlimited Plan

$ 2300
  • 3-Step Exterior Polish (Heavy Paint Correction)

    3 Layers of Nano Coating

    2 Layers of plastic trim Nano Coating

    Comes with a Maintenance Kit


How does it compare vs what the dealership offer ?

Luxxio Nano ceramic coating exceed in protection and longevity any standard nano protection provided by dealership. 

Doest it protect against Stone chip?

Unfortunatly it does not prevent stone chip, but it does help to reduce light scratches to reach your clear coat. 

How do i maintain it?

With any Luxxio Nano Ceramic Coating a Maintenance kit is provided. 

Although your are not required to use Luxxio products, however we do recommend our products to maintain the coating. 


what would you recommend for my car?

It is all depends of your budget and how long you are planning of keepinng it. 

we will be more than happy to help you to choose the nano ceramic package that is the most suitable. 

what do you mean by hydrophobic?

the hydrophobic effect is the result of turning water into spheric droplets. This also create a self cleaning effect that help keeping your car clean longer as it encapsulates the dirts in those droplets that bead off the car.

Some happy users

I have bought every product, tried every product.... been wowed by every product. Agent X is my favourite for mags....liquid frost wax and speedy stuff best shine I have ever had for my car. Tyre black the only thing missing from this awesome range. I have also had car detailed by guys at luxxio..... I'm addicted.
Chris Dillon
Brilliant service amazing products best grooming I have ever had.
Patrick Ramussen