Father's Day deal

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$175 $ 105

Motor Dad Kit !

The Perfect kit for your weekend car cleaning, include a range of products for interior and exterior clean and protect.

Kit Include :

  • 500ml Speedy Coating
  • 500ml Agent x Wheel cleaner
  •  500ml Multipurpose cleaner
  •  500ml Glass Cleaner
  • 500ml Luxury Wash
  • 500ml Wiper Solution

Accessories :

  • 2x Wash Sponges
  • 2x Multipurpose Cloth
  • 1x Glass Cloth
  • 1x Speedy Drying Towel

Agent X 2 Pack Deal



Luxxio’s Agent X wheel cleaner is a fast-acting Iron dissolver designed specifically for Brake Dust while also being safe on all surfaces due to its pH-neutral properties.

  • Dissolves Iron Particles (Brake Dust)
  • Turns Purple As It Reacts With Iron
  • Works On Wheel & Paint Surfaces
  • Ready to use | pH Neutral

Safe on:

  • Paint (Clear Coated)
  • Aluminium & Alloy
  • Chrome / Anodized
$60 $ 50
$45 $ 35

Speedy Wash Kit !

The Speedy Wash Kit is a simple all-rounder Kit for you basic exterior wash and paint protection needs.

In other words a useful addition to your detailing products regiment.

Kit includes:

500ML Speedy Coating
 Water repellent, UV protection and in addition it also leaves a protective polymer barrier for extra bug and “bird drop” protection.

500ML Luxury Wash
A pure cleaning formula to remove the caked on grime and dust from the past day, week, month or year you’ve lived since your last free Sunday wash.


2x Wash Sponges