The Quick Wash: Speedy Coating Kit

The Quick Wash: Speedy Coating Kit

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The Quick Wash: Speedy Coating Kit contains the essential items required to performing a high quality, speedy and amazing finish result.

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The Essential items in your quick turn around Sunday wash.


2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Speedy Coating

1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Luxury Wash

1x Wash Sponge

1x Speedy Sponge


Luxxio's Luxury Wash provides an effective and satisfying result with every wash. Designed with a lubricating agent, our formula gets beneath the dirt particles, safely lifting away any resistant dirt and grime from the paint. This greatly reduces scratching during the car wash process. An anti-static agent is also included to reduce future dirt build up.

Volume: 500 ML
Washes: 10-20x
50ml Per Wash; Diluted to 5 Litre bucket, concentration can change based on dirt level of vehicle


  • Rapid Penetration
  • Removes Dirt & Grime
  • Foam Gun + Water Blaster Compatible
  • Safe on all Exterior Surfaces
  • Biodegradable / pH Neutral
  • Anti-Static Agent
  • Safe for use on all vehicle types; Motorbike, Trucks, Motorhomes, boat etc

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Luxxio’s Speedy Coating creates that eye-catching, detailed finish to exterior surfaces. Adding shineprotection and a hydrophobic layer with little effort and maximum results.

Paint: Decrease water spotting and increase water repellency, meaning a cleaner surface for longer.

Glass: Increase visibility during rain on your windscreen as speedy coating creates amazing water beading while driving.

Wheels: Applying Speedy Coating to wheels decreasing dirt, iron and grime build up. Rain and puddles help self-clean the wheels.

  • High Gloss & Shine
  • Long Lasting, 3 Plus Months
  • Easy, Post Wash, Spray Application
  • Hyper Hydrophobic / Water Repellent
  • Matte and Gloss Surface safe
  • High effective Wheel Dirt Protection

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