Plastic Defence - 500 ML

Plastic Defence - 500 ML


Luxxio's plastic defence is an olive oil-based formula, increasing the life, durability, UV protection, mold and dust resistance and longevity of plastic.

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Luxxio’s Plastic Defence brings a new depth of colour to your cars interior and exterior plastic and rubber surfaces while also adding a protective layer to resist dust, water and ageing.

  • Revive Colour & Shine
  • Anti-Static + Anti-Aging Agent
  • Rubber & Vinyl Safe | Revive Oxidation
  • UV Protection | Hydrophobic
  • Wheel Coating


Safe on black plastic skirting, rubber seals, tires,  bumpers and a variety of other plastic and rubber surfaces.


Use on cool, clean and dry surfaces. Shake Well.

1. Apply liberally onto a clean Luxxio Microfibre Cloth or Sponge and wipe onto surface.
2. Allow 4-5 minutes for the solution to penetrate.
3. Buff excess off with a clean Microfibre Cloth.


Repeat process as needed. Apply coating every 6-8 weeks to maintain a top level of protection. Grab one of Luxxio’s All Purpose High-Quality Microfibre Cloths to improve Coverage.


Do not use on Damaged or Poor condition surfaces.
For unfamiliar surfaces do a test patch.

Loving this product over other products as this is olive oil based instead of the deadly silicone! Like i truly hated that stuff. this has much nicer smell, is not greasey or sticky and provides the same level of colour richness if not better. it also drys nicer with out streaking. Have used it on my dash as well as some of the plastics outside. also lasting me ages :) thanks guys!

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Melissa Rose (Posted on 16/01/2018)