Motor Mad Kit - Lite Edition

“The perfect gift for the Motor Mad!” ~ Now has a Lite EditionKit includes the same 6x 500ML products in the Motor Mad Kit, minus the accessories, so you can finish off your current accessory stock then top up with us later!The Down lowThe Motor Mad Kit solves all of the above. This kit will “assist” you in getting ..

Special: $80.00
Motor Mad Kit - Luxxio Edition V2

“The perfect gift for the Motor Mad!” ~ So pretty much yourself and everyone that everyone knows. We do additional discounts for 30+ Kit orders, c’mon, you know you want to.But seriously, sometimes we all just need a freak’n Bad Ass kit for getting the A to B ready for date night. But if your anything like me, you c..

Special: $101.00
'Leather Luxury' - Clean N' Protect

The Luxxio 'Leather Luxury' Kit is the all in one kit for getting your leather cleaned and protected heading into the summer sunshine. Kit Includes:500ml Leather Defence500ml Interior Cleaner2x High Quality All Purpose Microfibre ClothsABOUT: LEATHER DEFENCELuxxio’s Leather Defence coating works to increase the life..

'Plastic Fantastic' - Clean N' Protect

The Luxxio "Plastic Defence' Kit is the perfect way to get on top of your plastic interior and exterior maintenance coming into the hot summer months. Be it protecting the surface from harsh UV/Heat damage or from sunscreen covered hands. Rest longer and let Luxxio do the work protecting your summer rideKit Includes:500ml Plastic ..

Enthusiast - Speedy Kit

These kits are designed for that crazy hydrophobic(water repellent) coating extremists!  For the people that love the water bedding look in the rain,  and excited watching all the water fly off on the motorway. This kit is perfect because it includes all three steps needed to make any vehicle look its best, stay tha..

Enthusiast - Wheel Kit

Luxxio's Wheel Enthusiast Kit is the perfect collection of all the items you need to maintain that show perfect clean.Contents include1x 5 Litre Agent X (+ Application Bottle)1x 500ML Luxury Wash1x 500ML Speedy Coating2x Wash Sponges2x All Purpose ClothsStep 1 - Agent XRid your wheels of painful, paint/rim scratching irritants saf..

Leather Defence - Maintenance Kit

A fantastic kit that provides everything you need to keep your leather interiors looking great!Kit includes500ml Leather Defence500ml Interior Cleaner100ml Leather Defence - Great for Glove Box2x All Purpose - High-Quality Microfibre Cloths1x Lux-Defluff - Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloth..

Plastic Defence - Maintenance Kit

A fantastic kit that provides everything you need to keep your plastic interiors looking great!Kit includes500ml Plastic Defence500ml Interior Cleaner100ml Plastic Defence - Great for Glove Box2x All Purpose - High-Quality Microfibre Cloths1x Lux-Defluff - Ultra Plush Microfibre Cloth..

Headlight Restoration Kit

The Luxxio Headlight Kit contains a high-quality Polish Ball, that can be used on any standard cord or cordless drill, a 50ML Sachet that contains Plastic/Headlight compound that contains special properties for polishing clear plastic. Instructions are also included. BALL SPECIFICATIONS Grade: Light Foam Design: Germ..

Need for Speed Kit

Luxxio's Need for Speed comes will all you need for the quick Sunday wash and protect! The Wash - Our high foaming Luxury Wash removes the dirt (Wash Sponge included)!The Protect - Apply Luxxio's Speedy Coating to add a super water repellent, UV protecting and glossy shine layer to all exterior surfaces!The Dry - Our Speedy D..

'Frost Box' - Clean N' Wax Kit

This 'Frost Box' combines two fantastic products together to make light cleaning and amazing shine for your ride quick and easy. Kit Includes:500ml Liquid Frost Wax (Very little needed per panel!) Lux-Defluff Cloth (ultimate drying, buffing and de-dusting cloth)ABOUT: FROST WAXLuxxio’s Frost liquid wax is a revolutionary..

Special: $44.89
‘Crystal Clear’ – Glass Travel Kit

A Luxxio Special!Gather the tools to make visibility a top priority this summer season while on the road!Kit Includes:500ml - Luxxio Glass Cleaner500ml - Windscreen Wiper Solution3x Luxxio Glass Cleaning ClothsABOUT: LUXXIO GLASS CLEANERLuxxio’s Glass Cleaner is a quick and effective glass cleaner that does the hard work to remove..

Special: $35.00
Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect

The Luxxio Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect brings 2 of Luxxios top products together to significantly make the wheel cleaning exercise far easier, quicker and more enjoyable.CONTENTS:2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Agent X - Wheel cleaner.1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Speedy Coating.1x Wheel Clean Sponge1x Wheel Speedy Sp..

Special: $88.00
The Quick Wash: Speedy Coating Kit

The Essential items in your quick turn around Sunday wash.CONTENTS:2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Speedy Coating1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Luxury Wash1x Wash Sponge1x Speedy SpongeSTEP 1: CLEANLuxxio's Luxury Wash provides an effective and satisfying result with every wash. Designed with a lubricating agent, our form..

Special: $69.00
Luxxio 3-Step Paint Polish Kit

The Luxxio Polish kit contains all 3 pads and compounds regularly used to restore the colour, shine and life back into your paint.Kit Includes500ml Swirl Compound500ml Light Compound500ml Rapid Compound6" Swirl pad6" Light Pad6" Rapid Pad3x Compound Removal Velvet Cloths..

Special: $125.00