Luxxio 3-Step Paint Polish Kit

The Luxxio Polish kit contains all 3 pads and compounds regularly used to restore the colour, shine and life back into your paint.Kit Includes500ml Swirl Compound500ml Light Compound500ml Rapid Compound6" Swirl pad6" Light Pad6" Rapid Pad3x Compound Removal Velvet Cloths..

Special: $125.00
Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect

The Luxxio Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect brings 2 of Luxxios top products together to significantly make the wheel cleaning exercise far easier, quicker and more enjoyable.CONTENTS:2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Agent X - Wheel cleaner.1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Speedy Coating.1x Wheel Clean Sponge1x Wheel Speedy Sp..

Special: $50.00
Motor Mad Kit - Luxxio Edition

“The perfect gift for the Motor Mad!” ~ So pretty much yourself and everyone that everyone knows. We do discounts for 30+ Kits, c’mon, you know you want to.sometimes we all just need a freak’n bad ass kit for getting the A to B ready for date night. But if your anything like me, you can’t be bothered picking and choosing..

Special: $115.00