2 for 1: Speedy and Agent X 500ML

Get 2 for the price of 1. Speedy Coating 500ML and Agent-X Wheel Cleaner 500MLLuxxio’s Agent X wheel cleaner is a fast-acting Iron dissolver designed specifically for Brake Dust while also being safe on all surfaces due to its pH-neutral properties.Dissolves Iron Particles (Brake Dust)Turns Purple As It Reacts ..

Special: $30.00
Big and Dirty Wheels Kit

-Luxxio’s Agent X - Wheel Cleaner is a fast-acting Iron dissolver designed to target brake dust while also safe on all surfaces due to its pH-neutral properties. Turns Purple As It Reacts With Iron Dissolves Iron Particles (Brake Dust)Safe on Clear coat, Aluminum. Alloy, Chrome and Anodized -Luxury Car Wash is ..

Special: $190.00
Crystal Clear Glass Cleaning Kit

Did you know that dirty windows and mirrors decrease your driving visibility? This may lead to a crash. Luxxio has gathered up everything needed to keep all that glass clean for MONTHS!Five and a half litres of pure glass cleaner! With this kit just refill the bottle when its empty so you can stay on top of those windows. The ..

Special: $110.50
Enthusiast - Hydrophobic  Kit

These kits are designed for that crazy hydrophobic(water repellent) coating extremists!  For the people that love the water bedding look in the rain,  and excited watching all the water fly off on the motorway. This kit is perfect because it includes all three steps needed to make any vehicle look its best, stay tha..

Special: $170.00
3” Polishing Ball (Drill Attachment) *Headlight Kit

These fantastic polish balls are a great asset for the toolkit. Can be used for automotive purposes like polishing paint in hard to reach areas, headlight polishing to restore clarity and even working on bathtubs and showers at home.Paint: To be used when needing to get around hard to reach areas and corners.Plastic: Fantastic for..

Special: $29.00
Headlight Restoration Kit

The Luxxio Headlight Kit contains a high-quality Polish Ball, that can be used on any standard cord or cordless drill, a 50ML Sachet that contains Plastic/Headlight compound that contains special properties for polishing clear plastic. Instructions are also included. BALL SPECIFICATIONS Grade: Light Foam Design: Germ..

Special: $29.00
Motor Mad Kit - Luxxio Edition

“The perfect gift for the Motor Mad!” ~ So pretty much yourself and everyone that everyone knows. We do discounts for 30+ Kits, c’mon, you know you want to.sometimes we all just need a freak’n bad ass kit for getting the A to B ready for date night. But if your anything like me, you can’t be bothered picking and choosing..

Special: $130.00
Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect

The Luxxio Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect brings 2 of Luxxios top products together to significantly make the wheel cleaning exercise far easier, quicker and more enjoyable.CONTENTS:2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Agent X - Wheel cleaner.1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Speedy Coating.1x Wheel Clean Sponge1x Wheel Speedy Sp..

Special: $66.00
The Quick Wash: Speedy Coating Kit

The Essential items in your quick turn around Sunday wash.CONTENTS:2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Speedy Coating1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Luxury Wash1x Wash Sponge1x Speedy SpongeSTEP 1: CLEANLuxxio's Luxury Wash provides an effective and satisfying result with every wash. Designed with a lubricating agent, our form..

Luxxio 3-Step Paint Polish Kit

The Luxxio Polish kit contains all 3 pads and compounds regularly used to restore the colour, shine and life back into your paint.Kit Includes500ml Swirl Compound500ml Light Compound500ml Rapid Compound6" Swirl pad6" Light Pad6" Rapid Pad3x Compound Removal Velvet Cloths..