Enthusiast - Wheel Kit

Enthusiast - Wheel Kit


Combination of Agent X wheel cleaner + Luxxio Car Wash + Speedy Coating + Sponges + Drying microfibers + wheel Brushes. So you can save money and keep your massive wheels clean.

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Luxxio's Wheel Enthusiast Kit is the perfect collection of all the items you need to maintain that show perfect clean.

Contents include

  • 1x 5 Litre Agent X (+ Application Bottle)
  • 1x 500ML Luxury Wash
  • 1x 500ML Speedy Coating
  • 2x Wash Sponges
  • 2x Diamond Drying Cloths

Step 1 - Agent X

Rid your wheels of painful, paint/rim scratching irritants safely, quickly and with little effort using Luxxio's Agent X

Step 2 - Luxury Wash

Give your ride the clean it deserves, the extra rinse away after will remove any Agent X residue.

Step 3 - Speedy Coating

While the Vehicle Paint, Glass and Wheels are still wet, apply your Speedy Coating. This will provide extra defence against dirt and grime. It will now take longer for car to get as dirty and cleaning time far quicker.

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