Frost: Liquid Wax – 100ml

Frost: Liquid Wax – 100ml


Luxxio’s frost liquid spray wax is applied contains all the benefits of a traditional wax including shine, water beading, UV protection and lasts for 2 plus months.

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Luxxio’s Frost liquid wax, is a revolutionary new wax ‘spray’ technology that replaces the old hand application method. Protecting your car is now easier and quicker while providing fantastic shine and protection.

  • Easy Spray Application
  • Long Lasting, 2 Plus Months
  • Hydrophobic | High Gloss & Shine
  • Latest Liquid Wax Technology


Safe on all glass, paint and plastic exterior surfaces as well as interior plastics.


Shake well, ensure the car is cool to the touch and in shade.

1. Wash and dry car.
2. Apply solution to Luxxio Applicator Pad or ‘All Purpose Microfibre Cloth’ and work one section at a time using a gentle circular motion. (Apply Sparingly)
3. Allow solution to sit for 3 – 5 minutes per section.
4. Lightly Buff each section with a clean Luxxio ‘Wax Removal’ Microfibre to reveal finish.


Allow solution to sit for up to 20 minutes.
Make Buffing a breeze with

  • Lux-DeFluff Ultra Plush Cloth - A++ Recommendation