Speedy Coating - 500ML

Speedy Coating - 500ML

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Luxxio's speedy coating is a wet application, next generation polymer, providing amazing water repellency, shine and uv protection for matte and gloss surfaces.

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Luxxio’s Speedy Coating creates that eye-catching, detailed finish to exterior surfaces. Adding shineprotection and a hydrophobic layer with little effort and maximum results.

Paint: Decrease water spotting and increase water repellency, meaning a cleaner surface for longer.

Glass: Increase visibility during rain on your windscreen as Speedy Coating creates amazing water beading while driving.

Wheels: Applying Speedy Coating to wheels decreasing dirt, iron and grime build up. Rain and puddles help self-clean the wheels.

  • High Gloss & Shine
  • Long Lasting, 3 Plus Months
  • Easy, Post Wash, Wet Application
  • Hyper Hydrophobic / Water Repellent
  • Matte and Gloss Surface safe
  • SiO2 Ceramic Particles


Safe on all glass, paint, rubber and plastic exterior surfaces.


Shake well, ensure the car is cool to the touch and in shade.

1. Clean and rinse car of excess dirt and grime.
2. While the car is still wet, apply 2 to 3 Sprays per panel, work solution onto the panel using a Luxxio Sponge or All Purpose Microfibre Cloth.
3. Let the solution sit for 2 to 3 minutes.
4. Rinse with a strong stream or water blaster to remove excess residue and activate polymer coating.
5. Remove remaining water with a drying towel.


Speedy Coating can be layered, additional coats will increase protection and hydrophobic effects. Allowing coating to cure in a controlled environment will increase the effects and duration of the coating.

Safety Data Sheet

Speedy Coating MSDS


Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

Will this make my plastic and rubber trims turn white?

Fantastic question, a lot of products that provide rain repellent effects are not safe on plastic and rubber. Not only is Speedy Coating safe to use of plastic and rubber but it was designed to benefit those surfaces as much as it does paint and glass. providing UV protection and water repellency to keep it looking its best for longer.

Can I apply Speedy Coating to my clean/dry car?

Although Speedy Coating is best used on a wet surface it is possible to apply to a dry clean vehicle. With all dry application coatings, make sure surface is clean and cool to the touch. We would recommend not allowing the coating to sit without buffing for longer than a minute. When buffing, we recommend spraying some water on and using a Lux-Defluff microfibre towel.

Do I have to use a pressure washer to rinse?

Nope, just makes life a little quicker and easier.

Will this product really last 3 plus months?

Great question! We got 3 months as it was the average time we found that the product would remain when testing on a range of different vehicles from different walks of life. From the everyday driver in Auckland to the ute roaming the wop wops. Durability ranged between 6 - 14 weeks, so we settled on 3 months as a good average point. Note that different surfaces take different levels of wear. Comparing the back paint surface to the front windscreen is vastly different so we recommend that speedy coating is applied every wash to every 2 washes to keep all the surfaces at maximum protection.

This stuff is awesome! been using it straight after rincing the car, making the paint bead like crazy. Love it! Definately stocking up for some more

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Delion (Posted on 23/11/2018)