'Plastic Fantastic' - Clean N' Protect

'Plastic Fantastic' - Clean N' Protect


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The Luxxio "Plastic Defence' Kit is the perfect way to get on top of your plastic interior and exterior maintenance coming into the hot summer months. Be it protecting the surface from harsh UV/Heat damage or from sunscreen covered hands. Rest longer and let Luxxio do the work protecting your summer ride

Kit Includes:

  • 500ml Plastic Defence
  • 500ml Interior Cleaner
  • 2x High Quality All Purpose Microfibre Cloths


Luxxio’s Plastic Defence brings a new depth of colour to your cars interior and exterior plastic and rubber surfaces while also adding a protective layer to resist dust, water and ageing.

  • Revive Colour & Shine
  • Anti-Static + Anti-Aging Agent
  • Rubber & Vinyl Safe | Revive Oxidation
  • UV Protection | Hydrophobic
  • Wheel Coating


Use on cool, dry surfaces. Shake both the interior and the Plastic Defence solution

  1. Clean the surface using the Luxxio Interior Cleaner, wiping away any dirt and excess solution.
  2. Apply Luxxio Plastic Defence to a clean All Purpose Cloth and apply solution liberally and evenly to surface.
  3. Let the solution sit on leather for 2-3 minutes, allowing it to moisturise and revive the material.
  4. Lightly buff away any excess with the other side of Microfibre


  • Use a Sensitive based liquid wash.
  • Do Not use a Fabric Softner or Hot Wash.
  • Do not use Hot Dryer Option.

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Been using this stuff for a while, so made sure to review. I like it becuase it does not have a grease feel to it and smells good. The kit is good and they guys at luxxio say that having a seperate cleaner and coating is better as then the products are more focused to being good at 1 thing. does the trick and so far so good for my dash, exterior plastics bits and even been using it on the wheel tyres for shine as the guys say its silicon free.

Rating :

Matt Cline (Posted on 19/01/2019)