Swirl Paint Compound (Fine) - 500 ML

Luxxio's Swirl Compound removes the light tracing from compound cutting and weathered paintwork. Creating a mirror finish to make your paint increasingly clear and glossy.Used before Waxing / Nano ApplicationRemove Swirl Marks | Mirror and Gloss FinishClear Coat Paint Only | Machine CompatibleWater Based | Environme..

Light Paint Compound (Medium) - 500 ML

Luxxio's Light Compound uses the latest NanoTech to remove polishing trace from 2000# sandpaper and oxidised layers.Quickly Removes Paint BlemishesRemoves Water Spots, Light Scratches & OxidationClear Coat Only Paint | Machine CompatiblePetroleum FreePOLISH STEP SYSTEMThis is STEP 2 of a 3 STEP pr..

Rapid Paint Compound (Course) - 500 ML

Luxxio's Rapid Compound works hard on tough scratches, swirl marks and oxidation to rejuvenate dull and faded paint.Remove Deep to Moderate Scratches.Remove Oxidation & Paint Imperfections.Clear Coat Only Paint | Machine CompatiblePOLISH STEP SYSTEMThis is STEP 1 of a 3 STEP process. Each additional st..

Headlight Plastic Compound – 500 ML

Luxxio’s ‘Headlight Compound’ makes quick work of the damaged top layer resulting from weather exposure and general use. Designed specifically for all light surfaces, our compound provides the perfect level of abrasiveness to remove the damaged layer while also fine enough to provide the perfect finish.Remove Discoloured Top layer..

Glass Compound – 5 Litres

Luxxio’s ‘Glass Compound’ is the perfect cleaning solution for your car and home, windows and mirrors that may require a bit more attention. Designed to remove light to medium artifacts with ease without damage to the glass surface.Machine Compatible | Environmentally SafeRemoves Hard to Clean Encrustations,Water Spotting, Light T..