Agent X: Wheel Cleaner – 5 L


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Luxxio’s Agent X is a top-selling wheel cleaner and top choice amongst detailing professionals. Make sure you stay topped up with our 5-Litre volume option.

MSDS : Luxxio_AgentX_WheelCleaner_MSDS

Luxxio’s Agent X wheel cleaner is a fast-acting Iron dissolver designed specifically for Brake Dust while also being safe on all surfaces due to its pH-neutral properties.

  • Dissolves Iron Particles (Brake Dust)
  • Turns Purple As It Reacts With Iron
  • Works On Wheel & Paint Surfaces
  • Ready to use | pH Neutral


Safe on: Paint (Clear Coated), Aluminium & Alloy,  Chrome / Anodized


Before use, ensure the surface is cool. Shake well

  1. Use a strong stream or pressure washer to rinse wheel of loose particles and dirt.
  2. Spray Agent X onto the surface, wait 1-3 minutes, contaminants will turn purple.
  3. Rinse off solution using a strong stream or pressure washer.
  4. Air Dry or use Drying Towel to finish.


FOR STUBBORN AREAS Repeat the above process and include minor agitation with a soft brush, microfibre or wheel wash sponge. It is common for long-term build-ups to corrode into the wheel coating and may need professional services to repair.


ADDITIONAL Can also be used on clear coat paint prior to claying to remove iron particles safely.


CAUTION Do not use on Damaged or Poor condition wheels. Avoid use on bare metal parts, brake parts or wheel balancing weights. Do not use on Zinc or Cadmium-plated Surfaces. Avoid driveway discolour by Rinsing driveway immediately after use.

Weight 5.5 kg

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