Motor Mad Kit – Luxxio Edition V2

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The Perfect kit for your weekend car cleaning, include a range of products for interior and exterior clean and protect.

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 Kit includes:

500ML Speedy Coating
 Water repellent, UV protection and a protective polymer barrier for extra bug and “bird poop” protection.

500ML Agent X – Wheel Cleaner
 pH Neutral iron dissolver that dissolves the solid, sharp iron particles from braking into a liquid soft particle for easier and scratch free removal.

500ML Interior Cleaner
Penetrates deep within the dirt, grime and sunscreen to ease removal and improve the chance of a successful clean.

500ML Glass Cleaner
A streak free, ammonia free (safe on tinted windows) formula to make windows look their best.

500ML Luxury Wash
A pure cleaning formula to remove the caked on grime and dust from the past day, week, month or year you’ve lived since your last free Sunday wash.

500ML Wiper Tank Solution
Cleans bug internals, bird excrement and general road grime from the windscreen, also has a super sciency additive to prolong the life of wiper blades that cost way to much to replace.


2x Wash Sponges


2x All Purpose Microfibre

1x Glass Microfibre


1x Speedy Dry Towel


Weight 6 kg


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