100 ML Fast Acting Glass Waterspot Remover kit


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Fast acting glass water spot remover, tackle from light to hard Acid rain.

Up to 10 cars and in less than 15 min a car.


Luxxio’s Glass Waterspot Remover is an amazing solution that breaks down the hard contaminants that have hardened on your glass.This solution works on light to hard spotting.



Although safe for none glass surfaces, it is best to remove any excess after work has been completed.

  1. Dab product onto non-scratch scrub pad.
  2. Apply to glass surface, do a quarter of the glass at a time.
  3. Work the product on the glass in cross hatch pattern for 30-60 seconds depending on level of spotting.
  4. Wipe residue product away with microfibre cloth.
  5. Repeat as needed.

*If very light spotting, a standard all purpose microfibre cloth will work.

For extensive waterspot damage, a machine polish of the glass may be required.


WARNING: Always use caution around chemicals. Wear gloves and safety eye wear. Keep out of reach of children. Use in a ventilated area.


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