Windscreen Wiper Solution – 5 L


Luxxio Windscreen Wiper Solution brakes down bug, oil and dirt that build on the windscreen to increase visibility for safer driving. Wiper anti-ageing agent.

MSDS : Luxxio_WiperSolution_MSDS

Make windscreen visibility a top priority with Luxxio’s Windscreen Wiper Solution.

Our formula works fast to break down and remove oil, bug and residue that builds up on your windshield, increasing visibility for a safer drive.

*Included is an anti-ageing agent to prolong the life of your wiper blades.



  • Breaks down and removes Oil, Bug and Dirt.
  • Contains anti-ageing agent to Prolong the Life of your Wipers.
  • Safe on all Surfaces
  • pH Neutral / Biodegradable


Contains Concentrated solution, dilute at 1:50, 50ML for an average 5L tank.



  1. Empty wiper tank of none LUXXIO solution.
  2. Add 50ml of Solution to wiper tank.
  3. Fill wiper tank with water to max level.


Hints Use filtered water to reduce contaminants.


Weight 5.5 kg


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