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Speedy Coating, Agent X Wheel Cleaner, Frost Liquid Wax, Plastic Defence, Leather Defence, Luxury Wash, Windscreen Wiper Solution, Glass Cleaner and Interior Cleaner.
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Detailing Services

Getting your car looking its best has never been easier then with Luxxio Detailing. Book a time and the groom level you require and our team will do the rest. Courtesy cars available for longer jobs.

Cleaning Chemicals

Want your car looking showroom ready and love doing the work and taking care of your ride yourself? There is no need to compromise on the result as with Luxxio chemicals we bring the professional grade chemicals direct to you online.

Euro Car Parts

With an ever growing catalog and stock of BMW, Mercedes, VW, MINI, AUDI parts that are commonly needed we have decided to make them available for you online. From repairs to performance parts our selection is growing daily.


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