Car Grooming

Get that feeling of a new car or best chance to get a good value when selling your vehicle. At Luxxio Detailing we know how to make a car look its best and if detailing is not your thing our guys are ready for the job.

Nano Coating

NZ harsh UV enviroment coupled with enthusiasts passion for washing their vehicles is hard on the paint. Keep your paint looking new and add extra shine with our long lasting Nano coating selection.

Paint Restoration

Luxxio has restored paint on 100s of faded or scratched vehicles. If your scratches are bothering you or you have swirls and fading that developed over the years this is a service for you.

Disinfection Services

Ozone disinfection is a highly effective method of virus and bacteria removal from Air-Con ducting as well as car interiors. It is also a phenomenal way to greatly minimise smoke smell in ex smoker vehicles.


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