Ozone disinfection is a highly effective method :

– Ozone is categorized as a disinfection agent, a sporicidal agent, an algaecide and a viricide

– Ozone gas can access all area of your vehicle’s cabin (no place will be missed)

– No toxic chemical residue left behind, ozone is created from O2 (oxygen) and reverse back to O2 in a short time. 

–  A powerful Green disinfectant (Less energy and time is used in the process compare to traditional methods and also more effective)

Ozone is used in many industries around the world and has proven to be effective in result  (food & Beverage processing, water treatment, lab and hospitals, hotels and more).

Luxxio has been Using Ozone treatment for the past 5 years. 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

Entry Level Interior Disinfection / odour Treatment

$ 70 incl GST
  • Ozone disinfection Treatment (1h of high ozone concentration )

    - kill bacteria and virus

    - Please note for odour some extra steps might be needed


Advanced Interior Disinfection / odour Treatment & Detail Clean

$ 250 Starting from Incl gst
  • 1st Ozone disinfection Treatment before detail Clean (1h of high ozone concentration )

    - kill bacteria, virus and eliminate odours


    - Full Interior vacuum

    - Professional Matt Wash Treatment

    - Seat Shampoo / If Leather Clean then Protect

    - seat belt clean

    - Roof Lining clean

    -Window + Mirror Clean

    -Dash + Console +All interior panel Clean then Shine

    - Trays + Cup Holder + Glove Box Clean then Shine

    - Found objects safely collected & stored
  • Final Ozone disinfection Treatment before delivery (1h of high ozone concentration )

    - kill bacteria, virus and eliminate odours



All Bookings will be processed the following way:

– Booking processed can be done though our contact form, by email using kris@luxxio.co.nz or our 0800 LUXXIO

– Drop off and Pick up are contactless to ensure Level 3 Rules.

– Protective gears are also use ( Gloves, full face professional n95 mask respirator, Protective Coverall )

– Payment has to be made before pick up by cash left in the car of internet Banking.