Glass Compound – 500ml


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Luxxio’s glass compound is designed specifically for high-temperature polishing which is required for glass surfaces to remove water spotting and acid rain.

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Luxxio’s ‘Glass Compound’ is the perfect cleaning solution for your car and home, windows and mirrors that may require a bit more attention. Designed to remove light to medium artifacts with ease without damage to the glass surface.

  • Machine Compatible | Environmentally Safe
  • Removes Hard to Clean Encrustations,
  • Water Spotting, Light Traces & Soap


Shake well. Dampen surface.


1. Apply a swirl of glass compound to Glass Pad.
2. Applying medium pressure at medium to high speed, work within small sections evenly. Always ensure compound is present.
3. Wipe away excess compound with Luxxio ‘Wax Removal’ Microfibre Cloth.


1. Apply a small amount of solution onto clean, High Quality, Luxxio ‘Microfibre Cloth’.
2. Apply one section at a time. Moderate pressure, overlapping circular motions.
3. Remove excess solution with ‘Wax Removal’ cloth.


Repeat process as needed. For improved results use Luxxio Polish Ball and Wax Removal Microfibre Cloth for quick clean up. USE ON GLASS ONLY.

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