Plastic Defence – 500 ML

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Luxxio’s plastic defence is an olive oil-based formula, increasing the life, durability, UV protection, mold and dust resistance and longevity of plastic.

MSDS : Luxxio_PlasticDefence_MSDS

Luxxio’s Plastic Defence brings a new depth of colour to your cars interior and exterior plastic and rubber surfaces while also adding a protective layer to resist dust, water and ageing.

  • Revive Colour & Shine
  • Anti-Static + Anti-Aging Agent
  • Rubber & Vinyl Safe | Revive Oxidation
  • UV Protection | Hydrophobic
  • Wheel Coating


Safe on black plastic skirting, rubber seals, tires,  bumpers and a variety of other plastic and rubber surfaces.



Use on cool, clean and dry surfaces. Shake Well.


1. Apply liberally onto a clean Luxxio Microfibre Cloth or Sponge and wipe onto surface.
2. Allow 4-5 minutes for the solution to penetrate.
3. Buff excess off with a clean Microfibre Cloth.



Repeat process as needed. Apply coating every 6-8 weeks to maintain a top level of protection. Grab one of Luxxio’s All Purpose High-Quality Microfibre Cloths to improve Coverage.



Do not use on Damaged or Poor condition surfaces.
For unfamiliar surfaces do a test patch.

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