Swirl Paint Compound (Fine) – 500 ML


Luxxio’s swirl paint compound is the perfect finishing compound to remove hazing, swirl marks, light oxidation and light blemishes on painted surfaces.

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Luxxio’s Swirl Compound removes the light tracing from compound cutting and weathered paintwork. Creating a mirror finish to make your paint increasingly clear and glossy.

  • Used before Waxing / Nano Application
  • Remove Swirl Marks | Mirror and Gloss Finish
  • Clear Coat Paint Only | Machine Compatible
  • Water Based | Environmentally Safe P



This is STEP 3 of a 3 STEP process. Each additional step will lead to a smoother finish, leaving your paint with sensational gloss and shine. Once finished, top it off with one of our Liquid Waxes or Nano Coatings to protect and maintain your new finish.



Shake well, ensure car is cool to the touch and in shade.



  1. Wash and dry car.
  2. Apply a swirl of solution to Luxxio Finishing Pad.
  3. At a medium-high speed, working in 1/2 sqm sections at a time. (Work slowly to ensure surface does not overheat and cause damage to clear coat.)
  4. After each section, wipe off compound residue with Luxxio ‘Wax Removal’ Microfibre cloth.



  1. Apply a small amount of solution onto clean, High Quality, Luxxio ‘Microfibre Cloth’.
  2. Apply one section at a time. Moderate pressure, overlapping circular motions.
  3. Remove excess solution with ‘Wax Removal’ cloth.


CAUTION Do not use on Damaged or Poor condition surfaces. Do not allow to dry on surface. First test product on inconspicuous area. Only use on Clear Coat Protected Paint.

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