Professional Car Grooming Services

All our grooming packages include:

Exterior Treatment

  • Glass Sticker / New Car Plastic Protection Removal
  • High-Pressure Water Blast Rinse
  • Luxury Shampoo Car Wash
  • Speedy Coating (Super Hydrophobic Polymer Coating)
  • pH Neutral Wheel Clean
  • Tyres Scrub + Protection Application & Shine
  • Door Jams & Rubber Seals Clean
  • Plastic Trim Clean & Shine
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Exhaust Pipe Clean

Interior Treatment

  • Covers / Plastic Protection Removal
  • Full Interior Vacuum (Seats, Floor, Carpets, Dash)
  • Windows & Mirrors Clean
  • Dash / Console Clean & Shine
  • Trays / Cupholder / Glove Box Clean + Shine
  • Dirt / Grease / Sunscreen Mark Removal
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Polishing Services

Most vehicles will require a 3 or 2 step polish. No un-even hand polish service here, we use only the most industry trusted and reliable machine polish tools available. We begin with a Course Compound and Pad to cut away the ultra-thin layers of clear coat, this process with remove the majority of the swirls and faded clear coat. We then will do a Fine Polish pass, this process removes any hazing from the cutting process and evens out the clear coat service, leaving a smooth, clear and refreshed clear coat, allowing your paint to shine through.

Paint Restoration Removes
  • Swirls
  • Hazing
  • Oxidation
  • Over Spray
  • Sun-screen Hand Marks
  • Light – Medium Scratches
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Nano & Ceramic Coatings

Nano coatings provide a layer of protection against UV rays, dirt and scratches by creating a new polymer layer on top of your paint. The polymer layer has hydrophobic properties which repels dirt and water. This extra layer reflects light and provides a glossy layer to add extra shine to your car or boat. We start by polishing your existing paint to make sure we apply the Nano Coating on a smooth clean surface. Once the existing paint layer is prepared we apply a layer of Nano Coating making sure it’s even and free of containments. We also apply a plastic Nano Coating on your exterior plastic trim pieces, this coating restores the colour and protects against aging. All our Nano Coating services include a maintenance kit to help keep your car or boat clean and shiny.

The Luxxio Advantage
  • Free quotes on vehicles and boats.
  • We perform a paint restoration, this removes swirls, hazes, over spray, light to medium scratches etc before application.
  • Our coating services includes a complimentary maintenance kit.
  • Custom requests available, please contact us.
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