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Welcome to Detail Like a Pro Luxxio Series – Section One

Welcome to Detail Like a Pro Luxxio Series – Section One

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If you enjoy detailing your own vehicle or simply don’t trust anyone else to do it for you this Blog series will help you get the most out of the time you spend detailing your car and ensure you don’t cause any irreversible damage to your vehicle. 

Throughout the series we will go into exterior detailing, polishing, paint recovery and oxidisation removal, different stain removal, permanent and semi permanent protective coatings and many more.  Our team loves helping the customers so if there is anything you are after that you need further explained or would like us to come up with a post to elaborate on it in more detail don’t hesitate to let us know.

Initial Vacuum

When cleaning our vehicles its often vacuuming that’s left to the last.  At first glance this makes some sense the dirt around the vehicle is agitated throughout the clean and regardless of how you do your interior groom the finishing step will always end up being a vacuuming one. 

With this being obvious you may be asking yourself why is it that most professional groomers will perform a quick vacuuming step before they star the work? 

A lot has to do with removing the minimal amount of dirt with clothes giving you a cleaner set of microfiber clothes throughout the cleaning job.  As you likely know a good quality microfiber will pick up a lot of dirt from your vehicle and cling to it well but like anything that holds on to dirt they have a capacity and eventually start dropping dirt and smearing it around your cleaning job. 

By quickly vacuuming with a soft brush in advance of the wipe-down you are ensuring that any dry and loose particulate is already removed and significantly increasing the amount of cleaning that can be done with a single cloth.  You will also remove the need to be unnecessarily wetting and dissolving / smearing around all the easy to vacuum dry dirt from your vehicle. 

Additionally its easier to clean something that is almost clean and you will consistently produce a significantly superior cleaning outcome when you are able to aim for a perfectly clean surface after the job rather then settling for it being better then when you started.

Surprisingly this step also saves a significant amount of time and chemicals.  Without having to rely on an extra few clothes, cleaning solution that gets needlessly absorbed into them or cleaning up the dirt twice as the first attempt only ended up smearing it all around your plastic you will quickly find that your total cleaning time is eroding and the quality of your job is improving.  To add to this final vacuum will be much quicker as there is significantly less airborne dirt during the clean up stage.

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