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Welcome to Detail Like a Pro Luxxio Series – Section Four

Welcome to Detail Like a Pro Luxxio Series – Section Four

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Plastic and Leather Interior

You got through the interior clean and are ready to protect your surfaces.  Both the plastic and leather in your vehicle are exposed to a lot of heat cycling as well as UV radiation and both of those don’t gel too well with the longevity of the materials.   Likely just like with the dirt removal once you start thinking of it in relation to what is happening as you clean the conclusions and optimal processes become rather obvious.


Just like with dirt removal harsh chemicals are out.  They are bad for you and they are bad for the vehicle and to top it all off they don’t speed up the work, prolong the results or save you money it really is a lose, lose and more lose scenario.

Going back to what we did when we removed the dirt.  We used a gentle solution to dissolve / emulsify oils that found their way onto your car through food, skin sunblock etc.  Once dissolved we removed them leaving and micro cracks, pores etc on plastic and leather exposed and removing along with it all of the oil based surface protection that was there.  HINT Almost all surface protection is oil based that is why it often feels slippery when you coat your car. 


Well time is now to replenish the bit we removed that we need to be there keeping our vehicle protected so with a help of a clean microfibre multi-purpose cloth and some Plastic and Leather Protectant you are ready to go.  HINT: Luxxio Plastic protectant is perfectly fine for leather also so if you are ok with a 95% result on leather you really don’t need the two.

This job is extremely easy as its simply spray, wait a minute or so for absorption and wipe excess. HINT: If you are cleaning near glass that you don’t want to remove too much oil onto you can always liberally spray the protectant onto your cloth and then spread from microfibre cloth over the panel it will remove need to tidy up any of the hard to clean overspray around windscreen or dash.

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