Headlight Plastic Compound – 500 ML


Luxxio’s headlight compound is designed to remove the cloudy, oxidised top layer of plastic. Most commonly used for headlight polishing to improve clarity.

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Luxxio’s ‘Headlight Compound’ makes quick work of the damaged top layer resulting from weather exposure and general use. Designed specifically for all light surfaces, our compound provides the perfect level of abrasiveness to remove the damaged layer while also fine enough to provide the perfect finish.


  • Remove Discoloured Top layer
  • Remove Oxidation & Light Scratching
  • Improve Light Penetration & Transparency
  • Requires Drill and Luxxio Polish Ball
  • Safe on Plastic & Acrylic Surfaces.


Shake Well.

1. Pour a small amount of compound onto a Luxxio ‘Polish Ball’.
2. Use overlapping motions and low speed, increasing as necessary until headlight becomes clear.
3. Buff residue away with Luxxio ‘Wax Removal’ Microfibre Cloth.



Enquire about our Nano Coating Range, to protect your light surface for years to come.



Do not use on Damaged or Poor condition surfaces where polishing may break or shatter light. Do not over work an area to a high temperature as headlight will burn. Do not allow compound to dry on surface.

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